Sunday, August 15, 2010


Right now I want to scream;
to cry; to sob;
to let the tears roll down my
cheeks while my nose gets all stuffy.

I want to run away.
Jump in my car and just go
until I can't go any farther.
Until I find solace somewhere.

I want to dive until I touch
the bottom of the ocean,
until I become one with the
waves and fall back in with the tide.

I want a place to hide
when everything becomes too much
to handle; when I just can't
be with anyone anymore.

I want to be somewhere else.
Somewhere I can just be me.
Somewhere I can find myself;
Somewhere far away from noise and congestion.

I want to go where I can love
completely and be loved
completely in return.
I want to feel whole.

I want rejuvenation:
A new shot at life.
A fresh start; A new day,
A day to begin again.

I want a place to rest.
To be free from worry,
Unbound from fear.
A place of security.

I want to breathe deeply
inhaling life and all things good,
exhaling all things destructive.
An escape from suffocation.

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