Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I give time
I give support
I give nourishment
I give delight
I give organization
I give concern
I give compassion
I give hope
I give kindness
I give beyond capacity
I give myself
I give my heart
You give me the reason
to give up.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I think,
therefore I am.
I do,
therefore I am.
I act,
therefore I am.
Because thinking
is only being still;
And being still,
you may as well be dead.
Thinking is not doing;
not acting.
To be human,
To be Alive,
is moving,

Friday, March 18, 2011

At night is when the sorrow comes
the loneliness, the fear.
It lingers in the shadows of taunting lamplit rooms
as you fight back every fear.

The darkness glooms, it penetrates
your soul from every side.
It creeps into each crevice, festers on your weakness
no matter how you try to hide.

An inescapable prison is the long
enduring night.
Breeding despair and anguish, sucking all that's left of hope
Leaving you too powerless to fight.

Night terrors rage upon you
in reckless, restless sleep.
Exhaustion overcomes you, draining body, mind, and soul
Black blindness in does seep.

The blackness begins to choke you,
the suffocating force.
It overwhelms and darkens,
beckoning your surrender to its course.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Phoenix Tears

(Another from my other blog. Found it today and was surprised at how applicable it is right now.)

Darkness engulfs you.
It is caving in on you.
The heaviness smothers you.
And in the darkest of darks
The blackest of blacks
The phoenix bursts into flame.
And when you thought things couldn’t get any darker,
All hope is lost; all hope is gone.
Burnt, extinguished, charred.
All that’s left is ash.
Dull, gray soot in a heap on the floor.
The soot settles in the somber air.
And just when you think there will be no end to this despair;
That the dank and heavy darkness will overcome you,
The ashes stir.
And subtly they begin to take shape, a form.
A phoenix is reborn.
Out of the ash, a phoenix is reborn.
And in your darkest dark of nights
Your blackest black of storms
A brand new phoenix is reborn
He comes to you, he sheds a tear
It heals your wounds, your heart, your fear. 
(This appeared previously on my other blog, but I re-found it today and liked it, so I thought I'd post it here.)

Bursting with new life
Sunlight flickers it's soft hand
And smiles sudden warmth

Fragile floating blur
One gust of wind in the breeze
Vanishing to dust

Little girls twirl swirl
Spinning around, dresses fly
Blow, puff, make a wish