Friday, March 18, 2011

At night is when the sorrow comes
the loneliness, the fear.
It lingers in the shadows of taunting lamplit rooms
as you fight back every fear.

The darkness glooms, it penetrates
your soul from every side.
It creeps into each crevice, festers on your weakness
no matter how you try to hide.

An inescapable prison is the long
enduring night.
Breeding despair and anguish, sucking all that's left of hope
Leaving you too powerless to fight.

Night terrors rage upon you
in reckless, restless sleep.
Exhaustion overcomes you, draining body, mind, and soul
Black blindness in does seep.

The blackness begins to choke you,
the suffocating force.
It overwhelms and darkens,
beckoning your surrender to its course.

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