Friday, October 29, 2010


One day we went to the fair.
Lights were flashing,
Music trinkled here and there.
Cotton candy poofs in the air.

Booths that proved a strong, courageous man
from a weak one lined the rows.
You proved yourself with the first hammer slam:
the button flew up with a whoosh, zoom, bam.

I decided to go on the ferris wheel;
Not sure what I was thinking.
Disillusioned by the lights, all was surreal.
For I've always hated ferris wheels.

I'm afraid of getting stuck at the top,
the cart swinging wildly in the wind.
No one there to make it stop.
The ground too far below to drop.

So up I went. Around and around.
Stuck in a circle
never looking down to the ground,
hoping that facing upward my fear would be drowned.

But I was stuck as could be.
Trapped alone on the wheel
spinning, spinning endlessly.
No where, no way to flee.
Wondering how I could fix me.

And where were you while I was stuck?
On the bumper cars
is where you tried your luck.
But everything just went amuck.

You were trapped in a corner against a wall.
Continuously ramming your car
into the very same stall,
not recognizing your own downfall.

You rammed and you slammed your car to and fro,
but stuck you remained
with no place to go
not forward nor backward and nothing to show.

There helpless you sat not wondering why,
not puzzled, not weary,
not willing to try.
Not thinking about what being stuck could imply;
Content just on sitting, watching people pass by.

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