Monday, April 11, 2011


Your effect was toxic
Poison slowly seeping through my skin
with every smile, every touch
until suddenly I was infected.
I was choking, but didn't notice
until you were gone
and the sedated euphoria that kept me
in a state of suspended bliss was gone too.
I left you. I tried to rid myself of you.
But the poison remained,
Cancerous, it clung to every cell spreading
and the choking began.
I tried to get you out:
coughing, heaving, purging, convulsing
But your poison was too strong
and the more I convulsed, the more I choked
Like thick syrup coated my throat and
all my insides squeezing, suffocating every
particle of true life out of them
Leaving them (me) a barren wasteland of misery
How could I have been so blind?
Why was I won over into thinking it "could work."
Your venom took over.
And I let it, but didn't know it
Until I was debased--hollow
And then it was too late
And now I need the antidote.

And then the days pass, and I think you're gone
that I'm completely purged of the toxin you left inside me
But then the choking comes again and the convulsing returns
And I wonder if you'll ever be out really.

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