Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'll do it too.

I have asked my students (well actually I will assign my students next week) to start a writer's notebook. I can hear it now: "This is lame, Ms. Thackeray. Why do we have to do this?" I know, I know. They will most assuredly think the assignment is lame. But sometimes "lame" things are good for us. Students, just trust me on this one. As someone who is quite a bit older and dare I say wiser--well more experienced--than you, I do have some hindsight in the matter of doing "lame" things. I have done my fair share of "lame" things in my life and I'm sure that they haven't ended yet either. And I have learned that many times the things I thought were so "lame" that I wanted to die rather than do, actually weren't that lame when I looked back on them, and besides not being as lame as I originally deemed them to be, they even became helpful.

"Well, Ms. Thackeray," you say, "Now you're just babbling." This is true. I know I'm babbling--but guess what?!? That is the purpose of this assignment: you get to babble and haver all you want--to your heart's content even. Really, I'm doing you a favor ;-] That's right, you should be saying "Thank you Ms. Thackeray, you are giving us the opportunity of a lifetime. You're the best English teacher ever." That is what I want to hear! That is what I want to live up to. And that's why I will do your assignment with you. I am even posting mine online--publishing for all to see, now that's pressure.

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