Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Make Me Laugh!

Today in class we talked about writing. Remember? Of course I like writing--otherwise I wouldn't be an English teacher. But that doesn't mean that writing is easy or always fun either. Many of my students mentioned how they use writing as an escape. Me too. Somehow writing lets me release stress or other intense emotions that somehow become too intense. As part of class today my students were required to complete the following statement: "To me writing is like..." The purpose was for them to create a simile about their feelings toward writing. There were some great ones. One student wrote that writing is like a tootsie pop. At first it's hard, but as you continue it gets softer. Another student mentioned that writing is like getting punched in the face. There were so many brilliant similes. I should have written them down so I could remember them. It's a good thing I'm the teacher and that my students will have to turn in this assignment, then I'll be able to read all of the responses again. Excellent.

Oh. I almost forgot to write about the title of this blog. This blog is entitled "You Make Me Laugh!" because of another assignment we did today. After the students finished writing a simile to express their attitude about writing, they started making a collage to find pictures to show how they feel about writing. This is where things got especially funny. One student found a picture of a flag burning and connected it with the word evil. Another student found a picture of tortured Muslim woman. I get the hint: you don't like writing. I mentioned in my post yesterday, you'll still have to do things that you don't like or that you think are lame. It's just part of the game called life. Sorry. But thanks for making me laugh.

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