Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing Thailand

Today I miss my second home. I miss the rice fields that stretch for miles. Green in the summer; Golden in the fall. Well, winter here. As cheesy as it sounds, part of my heart will always be in Thailand. I love all of the smells that wander through the air: curry, fruit, rain, spice. The smells make each street come alive. The sounds too. Vendors pushing carts along the edge of the street tinkling bells, poking horns, or calling out their goods and services; hoping someone will consume.
Thailand. Even within one country it seems like it could be three or four. The chaos and crowds of Bangkok--the city that never sleeps. The laid-back ease of the Isaan, where daily naps on the job are almost mandatory. The small-town melting pot feel to the North, where hundreds of hill tribes and cultures combine to make a whole.


hemant said...

These are very beautiful pictures. I love sea sight. The photographer took these photos with complete beauty of the place.


greysquirrelb said...

phr>? maag maag na kh. khidthxng pratheedthai duay na ca. ch>>b ruubphaab kh>>ng khun - ch>>b maag maag kh. becky k>> ch>>b kaan athibaay duay na kh - ch>>b kaankhian na kh. Kh>>bkhun maag leuy kh.

rag khun na