Sunday, May 16, 2010


My mother taught me kindness
when she was kind.
Even when others (including myself)
weren't always kind in return.

My mother taught me to love learning
as she was a natural teacher
who was always learning herself
and made sure we learned lessons
before we went out to play.

My mother taught me to work hard
as she woke every morning well
before the sun to put in
more than a full day's work.

My mother taught me to do my best
as she always tried to do better.
And always expected me to
do my best in school, at church,
and in my relationships with others.

My mother taught me to be brave
and do hard things with her
never-ending encouragement,
her support, and full investment in me.

My mother taught me to put God first
when I saw her quietly studying her
scriptures, sharing gospel insights
over dinner, and the faith and trust
she always put in God.

All that I am or ever hope to
become, I learned from my Mother.

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