Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

In the spring the time does come
when trees are laced in white;
the blossoms flutter in the breeze
like dresses twirling in delight.

The sweet scent drifting on the breeze--
it sinks into your soul;
it spreads all through you deep inside,
you find it's your heart it's stole.

You long for it to keep you there,
all bright and white and new;
New life bursting all year long--
Bursting, blooming out of you.

But petals fall and flutter down,
they go just one by one;
the rich green leaves will take their place,
their glorious beauty done.

And soon the rich green leaves will fall,
they'll tumble to the ground;
the limbs all sparse and barren,
no sign of life is found.

Until another year begins
and dances in with style;
Twirling, spinning, life returns,
rewarding life's dim trial.

1 comment:

greysquirrelb said...

Your wording is so illustrative! Very spring-like poem. I've got to read these more often!