Sunday, May 9, 2010


First it was the radiator.
Then it was the carburetor.
The tail lights,
and a flat tire--
you're in for a whole new set.
The left gasket goes out
The right one too
The side door's dented
The oil leaks.
Then the brakes
Then the a/c
Then the starter
and the battery
Then the
Then the
Then the
Then the....
Everything is broken.
The original is gone,
a mish-mash of pieces and parts.
An empty frame that
sputters on;
it's fate looming on the horizon:
A used car junkyard.
Rust In Pieces

You're unfixable--
A clunker with too many flaws.
Told time and again,
it must be true.


Kimberly Thomas said...

Oh no! I hope you're not talking about your car!! So sorry if you are!!

ms.thackeray said...

Kimmie, my car is fine. No worries!